Herds, Horses & Song

Clark's Poem "Come Riding With Me: a cowboy wedding song" appears in this commercial album released by that dynamic western duo, Nevada Slim and Cimarron Sue of Prescott, Washington. The album is available through their web site.

Selected Poems & Songs

Come Riding With Me (Cowboy's Wedding Song) The musical score and sequences for this poem of mine were written by a great friend, Cimarron Sue (Sue Abraham Matley) and the song was included in a commercial album, Herds, Horses and Song, released in February 2007 by Nevada Slim and Cimarron Sue.

Lonely Lives - This duet is based on another poem of mine which was scored and sequenced by Cimarron Sue with lyrical enhancements provided by Nevada Slim (Bruce Matley). It was written for a very special couple. The song is not available commercially.

Catalogs - This poem sorta commemorates the welcome appearance of Montgomery Ward catalogs out on the ranch. The sound track, in MP3 format, is from my CD, Where Horses Reign. The poem also appears in my book by the same name.

Wyoming Gal - This poem, which appears in my second book of cowboy poetry, Sun, Sand & Soapweed, was written for a great grand niece who lives in Wyoming.

Our New Milk Cow - A musical score composed by James Beaumier, Ph.D, featuring one of my novelty poems, "Our New Milk Cow." Although it has never been recorded, it's available for anyone who wants to have a look.

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