General Electric for President

Tired of gridlock, bickering, and stonewalling?
Ready to bring a little light to politics?
Want to have fun playing the political game?

Join our new society, “General Electric for President” and celebrate with us the personhood and presidential eligibility of GE, a fine corporate person. Who better to brighten the political scene than General Electric in the fine tradition of Thomas Edison?

The President must meet four requirements under Article II, Section 1, of our Constitution:

  • be a person [GE, as a corporation, is a person per the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on January 21, 2010 in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission],
  • be a natural born citizen [the person of GE was “born” by incorporation in the State of New York on April 15, 1892],
  • have attained the age of thirty five [GE is 123 years of age], and
  • have been fourteen years a resident [GE has been a resident for 123 years].

So, jump on the band wagon and help brighten up the political scene and enlighten the public by becoming a member of this Society, “General Electric for President.” Download a Membership Certificate in Word format by clicking here. And why not download another for a friend?

Donations are invited via PayPal for this grand political adventure but a donation is not required to receive a certificate. This is a fun, non-partisan, quasi-political activity prompted by recent court decisions which recognize corporations as persons. Any donations go directly to the webmaster’s account for managing the site and administering the membership activity. Donations are not tax deductable.

We are not related to, or affiliated with, General Electric in any way. Rather we are organized to celebrate the personhood and presidential eligibility of General Electric, a fine corporate person.

Questions? Some answers right here!