Seven Pages of Life

...introducing a new, holistic concept of journaling...

Another day invested with what return?

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Clicking on Goals/Affirmations, listed under Pages of Life in the menu above will reveal holistic goals and affirmations for individuals who seek purpose, fulfillment, happiness, and closure in their lives. These goals are also the basis for a new concept in journaling...Seven Pages of Life...a holistic approach to living with, enjoying, and filling our own pages of life.

Beneath each brief descriptor appears the goal sought, worded as though the goal has already been achieved. This provides a visual cue to reaffirm our commitment to a balanced, holistic lifestyle...a form of personal affirmation which helps to motivate actual achievement of the goal.

When we make an affirmation a part of our life, it pulls us to accomplish it. And, if on a given day we somehow do not measure up to that goal, we can honestly excuse ourselves: "That really isn't like me. I am better than that!" And we can approach tomorrow with a reinforced belief that the goal represents us as we really can be, as we really will be, as we really are!

At the same time, the holistic goals can provide a sense of balance each day: are we considering, doing, living up to the standards we have set for ourselves?

The journal format provides space to write your thoughts each day on each of the life goals. The result is for your private use so it can be as brief or as lengthy, as simple or as profound, or as heavenly or as hellish as you would like it to be. A word might be sufficient. A sentence is certainly appropriate. And even a major thesis can be accommodated in the expanding text blocks provided in the journal template.