Seven Pages of Life

...introducing a new, holistic concept of journaling...

Another day invested with what return?

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Goals and Affirmations

 Enrich the mind
I continue to learn, building my mind so I can challenge the unknown with informed reason.
 Attend the body
I strengthen and nurture my body, building it to meet the physical challenges of life.
 Feed the spirit
I reach beyond myself, appreciating the wonders of life and the everpresent reality of hope.
 Heed the past
I learn from history, accepting renewed opportunities and avoiding mistakes of the past.
 Live the present
I enjoy my life, sharing my enthusiasm and excitement with others with whom I have contact.
 Create the future
I envision, influence and create the future, building on the past and capturing the best of today.
 Celebrate success
I celebrate each success, treasuring and rewarding it, whether it is my own or someone elses.