Seven Pages of Life

...introducing a new, holistic concept of journaling...

Another day invested with what return?

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Interactive Holistic Journaling
(Microsoft Word Template)

 An interactive planning template in Microsoft Word is available in DOT format by clicking here. The form is designed to offer popup help F1 when your cursor is in any empty field. If you prefer to journal on your PC, an interactive form (without Function key help files) can be accessed here. The journal form is free for your use; however, it is "donorware" so, if you use it and like it, please donate via PayPal.

In working with the form, it is not necessary to comment on each of the seven items each day but each is worthy of consideration as you live each day. Each text block on the form expands to accomodate whatever length of text you wish to include.

A sample printout of the form in PDF format is available by clicking here.

Now journaling is easier with our new "fill-in-the-blanks" template which is based on the Seven Pages of Life. The template is designed in Microsoft Office XP Professional and is available for free download.

Since the form is interactive, the F1 key may be used when the cursor is inside a cell to reveal hints and suggestions for it's effective use.

The template is "donorware" so, if you like it and wish to continue using it, please make an appropriate donation toward the work of The Resource Network.

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