Whither are we bound?

Clark Crouch is the president of The Resource Network, a nonprofit educational organization incorporated in Washington State in 1981. He is the developer of a simple strategic planning model which is in use worldwide by governmental, educational, industrial, business, and social agencies. The model, which is now owned by Woodward-Davis Associates, was developed to free organizations from some consultants who advocate complicated planning processes which create client dependence on the consultants rather than client independence.

Crouch was an administrator with the Atomic Energy Commission and successor agencies for 32 years in Richland, Washington. Following that, he spent 25 years as an independent management consultant specializing in strategic planning and team building processes. Although he is retired, he continues to offer advice and assistance to individuals and organizations interested in effectively planning for the future.

As an educational adventure in literature, The Resource Network is also a publisher under the imprint of Western Poetry Publications. In that activity, the organization is committed to remembering, preserving, sharing, and celebrating our great western and cowboy heritage and the traditions which that heritage embodies.

The Resource Network has a unique business plan under which it has no property, resources, employees, income, or expenditures. There are no formal fee schedules. Instead we accept direct donations via PayPal, relying upon our clients to donate amounts commensurate with the benefits received. Donations are not tax deductible.